Release Notes

November 9th, 2021

We are excited to announce that a very important update has been released today. From now on you can manage all your Sponsored Product Campaigns separately

This means you can set separate:

✔️ Goal (Target ACOS)

✔️ Start / End date

✔️ Category

✔️  Tags

& more.

Why is this update so important?
This update is the basis for some great new features that we are currently working on for you. In 2022 (among others) we will be launching a feature to manage further campaign types and you will be able to assign a goal (Target ACOS) to existing campaigns in your Amazon Advertising account. So, these get optimized by Ad Optimizer.  

New terminology
For a better user experience we have also standardized the terminology of the targeting type in our frontend and in our exports and imports. All manual campaigns have now been renamed to targeting type “keyword”. All campaigns with Amazon auto targeting have now the targeting type “Amazon auto”. 

Important changes
Please note that with this update the targeting type “both” is no longer supported in bulk imports and you will receive an error message in the launchpad in case you are still using this in your bulk import file. In case you want to add a Sponsored Product campaign with keyword targeting and one with Amazon auto targeting, please use two separate rows in the bulk import file, one with “Amazon auto” and another with “keyword”.In the export you will now also find one row per campaign, thus 2 entries if an “Amazon auto” and a “keyword” campaign was created per ASIN.

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