Join us for an exclusive Amazon Prime Deal Days Recap Webinar 2023, where we’ll delve into the latest market developments and their impact on the global economy. Get ready to uncover crucial Prime Day facts and figures, along with insights from various platforms and industry experts.

What will you learn:

💡 Market Insights and Economic Trends: Gain valuable insights into the current market landscape and its implications on your business.

💡 Amazon Prime Deal Days Results: Get access to comprehensive Prime Day statistics, industry perspectives, and exclusive data sourced directly from Amazon. Learn how this year’s Fall Prime Day compares to Prime Day July 2023 as well as Fall Prime Day 2022.

💡 Visibility Insights: Delve into our in-depth examination of the top 15,000 keywords monitored during Amazon Prime Deal Days. Uncover brand visibility trends that can profoundly influence and improve your advertising strategies. Dive deep into our comprehensive analysis of the top 15,000 keywords during Prime Day. 

💡 Customer Search Behavior: Explore search volumes before and during Amazon Prime Deal Days. Gain insights into the significance of branded terms versus generic terms on these pivotal days.

💡 Preparation for Cyber Week and Black Friday: Receive expert tips on how to gear up for the high-stakes Cyber Week and Black Friday.

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