We’re thrilled to announce that metoda will be a prominent presence at the highly anticipated Marketplace Convention! Our CEO & Founder, Stefan Bures, will be a featured speaker, sharing invaluable insights on “Mastering E-Commerce Visibility with Amazon Ads: Tips, Best Practices, and Insights for Modern Brands and Retailers.”

Key Challenges

In today’s fiercely competitive market, mastering visibility is key to staying ahead in the e-commerce landscape. With a wide range of products, implementing an optimal visibility system at scale becomes crucial. Challenges include managing numerous campaigns, identifying top-performing keywords, scaling internationally, and strategizing high-season times vs. always-on campaigns.

Our Solution

Discover the smart approach and best practices that empower brands and retailers to efficiently manage E-Commerce visibility with the help of Amazon Ads. Learn how to effortlessly expand your E-Commerce business across borders, reaching international markets effectively.

Join us as we unveil insights, innovative strategies, and proven techniques that will elevate your E-Commerce visibility, ensuring a strong market position and sustainable growth for your business.

Meet the Visionary Behind the Expertise

Stefan Bures, CEO of metoda, is responsible for a solution portfolio including an Amazon Ads AI, E-Commerce analytics software, and agency services like Amazon SEO and SEA. With over a decade of experience, he founded metoda after starting his own online store and becoming an Amazon seller. Stefan supports brands in confidently reaching their performance targets on and off Amazon.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and network with industry leaders!