Today programmatic advertising makes up 85% of digital ad spending in the US. But what exactly is programmatic advertising? And how can it help you to reach your marketing goals?

Programmatic Advertising is a technology that allows you to buy and sell digital ads. Compared to traditional advertising the whole process is a lot more streamlined and efficient. Instead of having to request for proposals and conduct negotiations, you can quickly buy and place ads through Real-Time Bidding.

To start your own programmatic advertising campaign you can establish your campaign goals, set your budget and upload a fitting creative on a demand-side-platform of your choice. You can target specific audiences based on signals, such as shopping and browsing activity, and thus cut down on marketing costs. Once a customer clicks on a website an ad impression is up for auction. If your specific ad is relevant to the customer and the website’s content you’ll be one of the bidders. In a matter of milliseconds the highest bidding ad will be displayed.

On the respective demand-side-platform you’ll get all the information on exactly where your ads are placed and how they perform, allowing you to maximize your efforts.

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