“Valuable insights to empower brand owners make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities”. According to Amazon, this is the benefit of using their Brand Analytics, which – since 2020 – is completely free to use for brand owners.

But what do those insights look like?

The information you get out of Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) can be divided into four categories:

💡 Keywords

See how popular a keyword is (based in number of searches) and get data on the most clicked ASINs based on a specific search term.

💡 Click & Conversion share

See the percentage of clicks that ASINs received for a specific search term.

💡 Customer demographics

See a breakdown of your customers’ age, household income, education, gender and marital status

💡 item comparisons

See the top 5 products that get compared to your ASINs. In the form of a chart, you get the percentages of how many customers viewed a certain product after they looked at yours.

Did you notice something? ABA lets you SEE things you otherwise would miss out on. Based on these insights, you’ll be able to assess the performance of your products and improve your advertising efforts by incorporating your customers’ demographic information. If you are a brand owner, there’s no reason not to use ABA, especially since it is completely free to use!

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