Video Games are often connected to certain brands or console names. But how is that reflected in the consumers’ search behavior?

To answer this question, let’s deep dive into the category “Video Games” on Amazon DE:

▶️ 94% of the search traffic contains either a brand like Sony or Nintendo or a console name like PlayStation, Switch or Xbox. 

▶️ In general video game searches are very much driven by new releases.

We can explain why: Customers either search for a console, accessories to a specific console or games for a specific console. Generally, they’re not interested in products for consoles they do not own, so they try to rule out irrelevant search results.

Based on these insights, we recommend to focus your #keywords on branded or specific products to grab all the traffic coming from there. If you are selling a controller for a console, it is favorable to include the brand and the console the controller is for as keywords to maximize your traffic and sales as a result.

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