Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect event to drive sales and push brand awareness.

February 14th is the day consumers like to treat their loved ones with special gifts and sweets to show their affection.

According to Statista, it is the 6th largest consumer spending day in the US.

Users usually start browsing weeks prior to the day of love

Besides sweets and chocolate, beauty and cosmetic products are very popular gifts.

Beauty brands should run Amazon Ads weeks before Valentine’s Day in order to catch shoppers’ interests. 

One thing they can consider doing is to target their audience in similar categories since those users often have similar interests.

E.g. beauty brands should also consider categories such as skin or hair care and fragrances.

When reaching shoppers across multiple touchpoints and making use of the different types of advertising, brands can increase visibility, drive sales and push brand awareness.

Only because Valentine’s Day is over, it does not mean that people stop shopping

Even after February 14th, there are plenty of opportunities to drive sales through remarketing strategies. 

According to Amazon, 70% of beauty shoppers made a second beauty product purchase within 3 months of their initial beauty purchases in Amazon’s store. Therefore it is important to stay engaged with your audience and make use of Amazon Advertising to maximize your campaigns’ potential.