Temu is not just a brand; it’s a new global marketplace concept reshaping the future of ecommerce! From dominating the advertising space to transforming its marketplace model, Temu is making waves globally!

Temu’s ad spend surged by 1,000% in 2023, with a focus on #socialmedia and high-profile events, setting the stage for another groundbreaking year in 2024. As you can see in the chart Temu is now as dominant in auction power as Amazon!

Opening its doors to American and European sellers, Temu is diversifying its marketplace and taking on global competition. Starting March, the low-cost marketplace is opening its doors to American sellers, followed shortly by European sellers. Previously, Temu’s 100,000+ vendors were exclusively from China, with logistics, pricing, and marketing centrally controlled by Temu. Now Non-Chinese sellers can independently price and ship their products, taking charge of their own marketing. This move intensifies Temu’s competition with Amazon and corresponds to our belief: “Temu will be the biggest global threat to Amazon in 2024!”