How visible are brands in paid and organic results in the category “Electronic Toys” on Amazon DE?

58% of the total search traffic for electronic toys is branded, i.e. does contain a product or brand name.
Our visibility analysis is based on the top 10 generic search terms – excluding seasonal terms – representing 12% of search traffic only, due to the high branded search share.

“Tablets for kids” – a small sub-category which makes up 3% of total revenue in “Electronic Toys” – is dominated by Amazon with their Fire kids tablets. Looking at the search terms “kinder tablet” and “tablet kinder”, Amazon is far ahead of the other brands with a visibility share (organic & paid) of 71%.

Since 70% of Amazon customers never click past the first page and 64% of clicks go to the first three items of search results, it is extremely important to be visible and aware of your competitors.

But how can you win this fight and make your brand more visible?
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