This week we are putting the spotlight on the category “Lighting” on Amazon DE.

This covers indoor and outdoor lamps and bulbs – from low price bulbs through to high price chandeliers.

Although outdoor lighting is mainly purchased in spring and summer – the main season for these products is Q4 & Q1 – artificial light is also needed when it is getting dark earlier to brighten up indoors combined with the demand for Christmas lights in Q4.

2020 started out with a ~25% yoy growth rate on Amazon DE. Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic related measures – 2020 sales numbers increased significantly starting from CW 13. The total year shows a sales growth of ~55% compared to 2019 on Amazon DE.

2021 started out very strong with January sales 50% above the previous year. But the growth trend is declining and ytd sales growth is ~30% above 2020’s.
Since June numbers stayed stable at the same level in 2020. It is not clear yet if a similar sales level can be reached in Q4 in 2021.

One argument which speaks in favor of it is that consumers discovered the convenience of online shopping during the pandemic and will stick to this new habit. On the other hand, consumers will switch back to offline / stationary shopping as there are nearly no restrictions left anymore.

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