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This time we are taking a deeper look into the category “Sports” on Amazon DE – fitting our next webinar category “water bottles”. 

This category covers everything you need from apparel through to hardware for any kind of sports activity – from boxing through to yoga.

Due to the broad range of different sports activities – the category covers all seasons, the sales are quite stable throughout the year.

Nevertheless, we can identify a certain seasonality: Sales increase during spring & summer time, decrease in autumn – typically in September & October and peak at the end of the year. 

This seasonality is reflected in 2019 and also 2020.

2020 shows a similar development as 2019, but at much a higher level. 

Yoy sales increased by about 35%. This is the result of increased private sports activities – due to home office, closure of gyms and restrictions of team sports – in combination with partial closure of offline stores.

2021 started strong too, with another 35% yoy increase in Q1.

But in Q3 sales are 10% below 2020 levels, resulting in a ytd sales growth of about 10% only.

This is worse than the overall Amazon Retail figures announced in their Q3 Report: In total, Amazon Retail worldwide generated a yoy growth of 18%.

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