What’s been going on in the glamorous category “Beauty” on Amazon DE?

This category embraces everything for hair and skin care including decorative cosmetics and appliances.

Sales demand for Beauty products on Amazon is quite stable throughout the year, with a peak at the end of the year.

Q4 accounts for about 30% of the total sales in Beauty, driven by Christmas shopping – perfumes are a popular present – and people dressing up for the holiday celebrations.

In 2020 sales showed a sudden increase in March caused by the 1st lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Numbers stayed at this higher level for the rest of the year, resulting in a more than 55% sales increase yoy.

2021 shows a more stable development with a declining trend since June. While in January yoy sales growth was more than 65% the declining trend resulted in a total sales growth of about 35% ytd.

This can be seen in other categories as well and is most probably related to the flattening of the pandemic and connected to the loosening up of regulations.

Assuming that there will be no further restrictions / lockdowns, we are expecting a stable development for the rest of the year, with an increasing demand in Q4 again.

*metoda original research

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