This week we explore the development of the category Pet Supplies on Amazon DE.
“Pet Supplies” offers everything you need for your beloved pet – no matter if you own a dog, cat, hamster, fish, bird or lizard.

2020 was a great year for online sales in this category: Sales increased by 47 % yoy.

Sales started out strong and in the context of COVID-19 they kept growing significantly over the rest of the year.

The pandemic had a twofold impact:

▶ 1. More people got themselves a pet, because they spent more time at home (schooling and office).

▶ 2. More people bought everyday products – such as pet food – online to reduce contact with other people.

2021 sales started strong with more than 60% yoy increase in January 2021.

Even though the yoy increase declined a bit until the end of May, it was still above 40 %.

The last two months of June & July only show a yoy sales increase of 10%, but current sales are still close to the level of 2020. The total yoy sales increase in 2021 is now at 35 %.

Assuming that we will not have a strict lockdown again in Germany this year, we expect the 2nd HY 2021 to generate the same sales volume as the 2nd HY of 2020!

*metoda original research

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