This week we are shedding some light on the sales development of the category “Drugstore” on Amazon DE: This category covers a broad range of products you can buy at an offline drugstore, e.g. cleaning supplies, toilet paper, over-the-counter medicines, medical and personal care appliance, etc.
Personal care products, such as shower gel, make-up etc. however, belong to the category “Beauty” instead.

The sales development for all three years 2019, 2020 & 2021 shows a similar trend over the year.
The weekly ups and downs vary between the years, but the overall trend is the same: 
Flat development along the year with a peak in Q4 – driven by high traffic on Amazon and Christmas shopping.

Looking at the yoy growth: 
▶ 2020 grew 24% compared to 2019
▶ 2021 grew ytd by another 23% compared to 2020

Based on the current development over the course of this year and compared to the previous years, we expect a stable sales development for the rest of the year, with increasing demand in Q4, in line with this year’s 20-25% growth compared to 2020.

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