What’s been going on in the category “Toys” on Amazon DE?

If you need something to make a child happy, this is the right place to look for – from toys & games through party decoration and costumes.

“Toys” is a very seasonal and occasion driven category – as you can see in the graph – with the highest sales demand right before Easter and Christmas because most of the products are bought as presents.

2020 sales increased yoy by 37%. This was due to the several lockdowns forcing people to stay at home. They had to find recreational activities for their home entertainment – e.g. board games & puzzles – and of course, they had to buy these online.

The sales development in 2021 looks rather flat compared to the previous years. Though, the only reason for that is that the year started out much stronger than the previous ones. Ytd sales are 20% higher than in 2020. It is the same growth rate we saw 3 months ago, when we analyzed the category for the first time this year.

If the development stays stable, toys brands should prepare for another record sales in Q4 this year. We will keep you updated.

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