This week we are looking at the category “Office Products” on Amazon DE:

It covers everything you need for (home-)office, school & handcrafting – e.g. office furniture and electronics, paper and stationary, paint and other craft accessories.

2020 marks a year, where most of us were affected by home office and/or homeschooling due to the pandemic.

Sales increased significantly at the end of February and after summer holidays.

The later one being in line with normal seasonality of this category.

Overall, sales increased by “only” 21% yoy in 2020, which is low compared to other categories.

This might be due to the increased digitization which resulted from the pandemic situation.

2021 shows another moderate increase of 16% yoy.

The year started with 35% higher sales compared to 2020, but demand declined over the following months and is currently at the same level as 2020 sales.

With schools being open again and higher demand for office work, we do not expect to see significant yoy increase during the rest of the year.

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