What’s been going on in the category “Grocery” on Amazon DE?

Online delivery for groceries is once again one of the top trending topics for investors and start-ups – with no surprise, when we take a look at the growth rates of online grocery sales since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New fast delivery services (e.g. Gorilla, Flink etc.) make grocery shopping even more convenient for consumers – order now and get it delivered in 10 – 30 min. There is simply no reason to go to the supermarket anymore.

These new delivery services even managed to push Amazon to speed up their delivery for Amazon Fresh – a program offered to Prime members in selected cities to buy groceries – including fresh ones – with the option of same day delivery.

In 2020 yoy grocery sales increased by more than 60%. Starting at the end of February, the demand for groceries on Amazon DE rose steeply until Easter.

Even though grocery stores remained open, we can see a higher demand for groceries for the rest of the year.

When we analyzed the category “Grocery” in CW 11, we found out that in 2021 grocery yoy sales increased by more than 60%. Three months later, it is slightly different: Ytd grocery numbers increased by about 40%. Yoy growth rates slowed down, especially during the last 6 weeks. This sales development is similar to what we have seen in 2019.

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