This week we are looking at the category “Lightning” on Amazon DE: The category covers a variety of lamps and bulbs for indoors and outdoors. 💡

The main season for these kinds of products is typically in Q4 – when days get dark earlier and artificial light is needed to brighten up your home. This is also reflected in the sales data.

In 2019 and 2020 lighting sales increased starting around the beginning of Oct (CW 40) reaching a climax at the end of Nov with Cyber Week and another peak shortly before Christmas driven by the need for Christmas lights.

In 2020 numbers rose much earlier: During the 1st lockdown, purchases for lightning on Amazon DE increased by ~20%  from one week to another and stayed on this high level during the whole summer time. All driven – as in other categories – by consumers spending more time at home and using the time to redecorate their homes and gardens.
Yoy sales in 2020 increased by ~55% compared to 2019.

The sales development in 2021 is slowly declining since the beginning of May and is currently on the same level as in 2020. Ytd sales increased by another 40% compared to 2020. If this year is going to be another extraordinary sales year in the category “Lightning” on Amazon DE can only be told after Q4, when the main season for these products has passed.

Currently, purchases are mainly driven by outdoor lightning. That is  why we are going to deep dive into fairy lights tomorrow with our market share analysis.

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