This week we are looking into the category “Home & Kitchen” on Amazon DE:

The category covers a very broad range of products: Tableware, cooking equipment, large domestic appliances, furniture, home accessories etc. – nearly everything you need to set up your home.

The broad assortment is the reason that the demand is relatively stable over the course of the year.

Usually there is a smaller sales peak around Easter and a major sales peak in Q4: Consumers prepare for the holidays and purchase products during one of Amazon’s deal events.

In summer, the demand shifts from home related indoor categories (kitchen) to home related outdoor categories (garden). In 2020 sales in the category “Home & Kitchen” increased by approx 38% yoy. At the beginning of the year, sales increased by about 25% yoy.

Starting with the first lockdown – right before Easter – numbers increased by approx 35% yoy. And with the second lockdown – starting in the same week as the Amazon Prime Day – purchases increased by 65% yoy.

2021 started out with about 50% higher sales than 2020. Ytd numbers increased by approx 28% yoy.

In some other categories, we can observe a decline in demand at the beginning of February. This trend seems to intensify during the last 3-4 weeks.

Reduced infection numbers combined with less regulations either

  • drive customer demand towards offline shopping,
  • or shift consumer spendings away from purchasing home related products to leisure activities, such as eating / drinking out or holidays.

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