What’s been going on lately in the category “Baumarkt” on Amazon DE?

This category covers everything you can buy at a DIY/hardware store excluding pet food and gardening products.

Although you might expect that “DIY” is a seasonal driven category – this is not really reflected in the Amazon sales figures. Spring and Christmas season show slightly stronger sales, but there is always something you can do to beautify your home: building a new terrace, renovating the bathroom or painting the bedrooms.

As expected, 2020 shows a stronger growth in numbers than 2019. Yoy sales increased by more than 50%. This is due to the pandemic as the leap in sales (1st lockdown) clearly shows. Closed shops, staycation instead of vacation abroad, home office and contact restrictions resulted in increased online sales of home improvement products. During the time period starting with Prime Day (CW 42) until the end of the year yoy sales were 80% on a higher level than 2019 sales.

The sales course in 2021 seems not to be altering much, even showing a decline since February. The development simply reflects that the year started out very strong with more than 100% sales increase compared to 2020. Ytd sales increased by more than 60% yoy.

And there’s another thing that caughts the eye: Spring does not have such a big impact on the sales development as in the previous years. This is most likely due to the cold weather we had until now or because there is nothing more to prettify in German homes. Did you renovate, refurnish or redecorate your home in 2020?

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