This week we are looking into the category “Pet Supplies” on Amazon DE. 💡

Let’s see what has been going on since the last update:

According to a study from the bevh, online sales for pet supplies increased by 16% overall yoy in 2020. On Amazon DE the growth was much stronger: Sales rose in 2020 by 47% yoy. This is similar to the high numbers for everyday products  from the categories “Grocery” or “Drugstore”.

The sales development in 2021 declined in February and stayed quite flat since then. Though, this is because 2021 started out very strong. Ytd the yoy increase in 2021 lies at 51%. The strong yoy increase on Amazon compared to the overall online sales increase for pet supplies suggests that Amazon shoppers might have scaled up their orders for everyday pet products such as pet food. Therefore we are going to take a closer look into the market share of the subcategory “Pet Food” tomorrow.

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