New sales development insights in the category “Drugstore” on Amazon. 💡

This covers products such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, OTC-drugs etc. Moreover, medical as well as personal care appliances can be found here, too.

Personal care products such as shower gel, make-up do not belong to the “Drugstore” category on Amazon, but can rather be found in the category “Beauty”.

Overall drugstore sales increased by 24% yoy in 2020 compared to 2019. According to a study from bevh, online sales for drugstore products increased by 35% yoy. So the category ‘Drugstore’ shows a lower yoy plus than the overall drugstore online sales. This is due to the fact that personal care products are not included in this category on Amazon.

The 2021 sales development is lower than in the previous years, but actual sales in drugstores increased 21% ytd. Online sales for everyday products have profited from the pandemic, although drugstores stayed open the entire time. We expect the sales to stay on a higher level, even after the lockdown. Consumers like the convenient shopping experience for these “unsexy” everyday goods.

What about you? Do you take care of your daily needs by shopping online, or do you still prefer to go to a local store? 💬

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