This week we are looking into the category “Office Products” on Amazon DE. 💡

This covers everything from office electronics & furniture to office supplies of any kind – including craft supplies. 

Home office & home schooling are topics all parents have to deal with during the pandemic.

As a matter of fact, 2020 shows a yoy sales increase of only 21%. Starting end of February up until the first lockdown, there has been a significantly higher demand for office products. After the summer holidays, sales numbers increased again until the end of the year. Overall, people are not really into buying office products (online), compared to other products in other categories (e.g. Garden).

Ytd office products show a yoy increase of 18% – again, much lower compared to other categories. Home office has digitized our way of working: No personal meetings, only web-meetings. Even if we often experience Zoom fatigue, this change somehow has a positive impact on our lives, saving time for many of us. Think of the time after COVID-19: Would you prefer working from home or are you longing to get back to the office again?

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