It’s time for new sales development insights on Amazon DE. 💡

This week, let’s have a look at the category “Baby” . This covers everything from daily needs – e.g. baby food, diapers – through to larger one-time purchase items like furniture and strollers.

Let’s take a deeper look: 

2020 shows an increase in sales in the category “Baby”, as in many other categories on Amazon as well. However, 2021 starts with declining sales. But that’s just the development within this year. Compared to 2020 sales show another 30% uplift yoy. This isn’t an exceptionally strong growth in these pandemic times – but baby stores were exempt from the shut-down during lockdown #3. All daily needs – baby food, diapers, baby care – are covered by supermarkets or drugstores and all larger buys – furniture, strollers, car seats – can still be bought at stationary baby stores.

So there is only a limited need to increase online shopping in the baby category.

It is not clear yet, if we can expect a COVID-19 driven baby boom or if the contrary will be the case.

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