What do we know about the sales development in the main category “Pet Supplies”?

The demand for pet supplies in 2019 was relatively stable with a peak on Prime Day in July & around Christmas. 

The 2020 growth in this category is about 49% yoy with a very strong Q4 (69% yoy).

This development can most likely be attributed to the recent shift to online shopping and home office.

People spend more time at home which as a result led them to getting a pet and accordingly pet supplies for those.

The growth trend was broken throughout 2021 – resulting in yoy growth of 17% only.

The 51% growth in Q1 decreased over the year and even turned into a negative growth of -4% in Q4.

The overall economic situation is leading to lower private spendings.

But consumers rather save on home or garden product than on their Pets (-3% yoy) or Babies (-2% yoy).

But why is all of that and how can you use these insights to boost your Amazon business?

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