What do we know about the sales development in the main category “Kitchen”?

Demand in the category Kitchen is usually quite stable over the year with a peak in Q4.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a strong increase in sales in the Kitchen category on Amazon in 2020 – resulting in 40% yoy growth. This was driven by the shift from offline to online shopping, increased home office resulting in more home cooking and consumers investing in home appliances and accessories rather than going to holidays. 

The growth trend was broken mid of 2021 – resulting in yoy growth of  8% only. Caused by relaxation of pandemic measures and macroeconomic developments –  e.g. supply issues, transportation capacity shortages, increasing raw material prices, growing inflation.

These effects are reflected in 2022 demand with a ytd growth of -13% compared to 2021.

But why is all of that and how can you use these insights to boost your Amazon business?

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