One of the most important deal events in the e-Commerce world is starting today – Amazon’s Prime Day 2021.

Prime Day Deals are a great opportunity for Sellers and Vendors to earn substantial profits, because of the massive increase in traffic and the willingness of customers to buy products at a reduced price.

To make the most out of your Prime Day experience it is important to have the right strategy at hand, which is tailored to the characteristics of this special event. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a plan of action just yet. We got you covered with three essential pointers to keep in mind when planning for your Prime Day Deal Campaigns.

1. Increase Visibility
2. Push Focus Products
3. Boost your Deals with Amazon DSP

Those three points will definitely help you come up with a strategy that’ll take your Prime Day experience to the next level! 

After the great feedback following last year’s event, we are sharing exciting insights with you again on the performance of Prime Day 2021 in our webinar on July 6th, 2021 @11am (CET).