Hey Ad Optimizers!

We’ve got some exciting news that’s going to level up your ad game: Notification filters are back in Ad Optimizer, and they’ve brought a friend – Default TACOS! 🚀

Notification Filters – Instant Insights, Easy Solutions

Say goodbye to the stress of finding problems in your campaigns. With notification filters back in action on the Campaigns, Budgets, and Entities pages, you’re getting real-time alerts. Problems pop up? No worries! Address them on the spot. Plus, we’re not just stopping at issues – we’re pointing out optimization opportunities too! It’s like having a personal ad guru at your fingertips.

Filtering Magic In Tables

Ever wish for a magic wand to find what you need in your campaign data? Consider it granted! Now you can filter affected campaigns or budget periods directly in the tables. No more digging through heaps of information – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s efficient.

Show Or Hide With A Click

Your workspace, your rules. Easily customize your view by showing or hiding the notification filters. Head over to the “Page Elements” in the Campaigns and Budgets page settings, and take control. Simple, right?

Sorted By Criticality – Because Priorities Matter

We get it; not all notifications are created equal. That’s why we’ve sorted them by criticality – critical, important, informative. Know what needs your attention first and stay on top of your ad game effortlessly.


Introducing “Default TACOS” – Your New Optimization Sidekick

But wait, there’s more! We’re introducing the all-new “Default TACOS” feature. Imagine having a default recipe for success. Define a predefined Target ACOS for each of your metoda-managed portfolios, and watch the magic happen. This default TACOS is automatically applied to new campaigns, so you can optimize from the get-go, even if individual TACOS haven’t been set.

Smart Optimization, Always

Don’t worry, if you’ve got specific TACOS for a campaign, the default TACOS steps aside. Your campaign’s unique settings take precedence for optimization.

In A Nutshell

Notification filters are back, and they’ve brought a friend: Default TACOS. It’s all about instant insights, easy solutions, and smart optimization. Ready to take your ads to the next level? Dive in, toggle those filters, set those TACOS, and let the ad magic begin!

Happy Ad Optimizing! 🌟