Amazon just launched a new platform for virtual sightseeing tours and experiences called Amazon Explore. 

Especially in the current times this can be a great opportunity for people to make new experiences and see the world in the comfort of their own home.

How does this work?

All you need is a laptop or a desktop computer, a stable internet connection and about 30-60 minutes of your valuable time. Then you are ready to choose your adventure!

You always wanted to feed a deer in Japan’s Nara Deer Park, explore the Silicon Valley of Singapore or #Munich “the city of churches, palaces and beer gardens” (and of course the city where we have our beautiful metoda headquarters)? Here is your chance!

After you made your choice and booked your personal one-on-one experience for about $10-$80, you’ll just have to wait until your guide starts his/her session. Some experiences even include the option to #shop for products you’ll see along the way directly from your host. If you’re an Amazon seller this might be an interesting new opportunity to place your products and reach new customers!

Do you want to kick-start your Amazon Advertising business?