Alright, you caught us red-handed. We were looking for chocolate on Amazon …

But actually we wanted to check out our campaigns for a client. 🙄🍫 
Not only did we find delicious sweets to satisfy our cravings, but also something that might interest you as well! 

Sponsored Brands Videos can now be found on product detail pages.

What’s new?

They are placed in the “Similar brands on Amazon” section, where previously only regular Sponsored Brands were displayed. (see video)

The video ads are arranged in a slider with multiple “pages”, which will most likely result in an increase in impressions. 📈

Only the first video starts running automatically (and keeps on looping), while the other product videos can be started with a click on the play button. ▶

What else is important to know?

Targeting ASINs is now even more important to reach a specific audience. Though, campaigns with only keyword targeting are still displayed here according to Amazon’s algorithm. 💡

Talking about chocolate… 

We have an Amazon Market Insights webinar coming up in April which will be all about the category “Chocolate” on Amazon. Interested in how to boost your business in that area?