Managing your campaigns has just gotten a significant upgrade! What used to be known as “Bids” is now called “Manage”, and with this renaming comes a host of powerful editing and management options for your campaigns. Let’s dive into the exciting new features:

Enhanced Editing Capabilities

With “Manage,” you’ll have extended functionalities at your fingertips. This includes the ability to make detailed adjustments directly in Ad Optimizer. For instance, you can fine-tune targeting (depending on the targeting type) and even transfer campaigns to a different portfolio.

Bulk Import and Bulk Actions

Managing campaigns in bulk has never been easier. “Manage” campaigns can now be updated via Bulk Import or Bulk Actions, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Custom Targeting Options

Tailor your campaigns to perfection with custom targeting. This feature allows you to add and archive custom targets for various campaign types including Amazon auto, Keyword, Product, and Category. 

Advanced Target Settings

For strategically relevant targets like keywords and products, you now have the power to set individual TACOS (Target Advertising Cost of Sales) and minimum/maximum bids, providing you with unparalleled control over your campaigns.

Portfolio and Campaign Details Adjustments

“Manage” empowers you to change portfolios, start and end dates, campaign names, and even add or remove SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) via the Campaign Details.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • For campaigns with multiple ad groups, some functionalities are limited. Refer to the table for specifics.
  • Custom targeting is available only for targeting types fully supported by the Ad Optimizer.
  • The Bulk Import template now includes two new tabs for Sponsored Brands (video) and Sponsored Display (video), exclusively for campaign updates. Video campaigns are still created through the Amazon Advertising console.

Upgrade your campaign management experience today with the powerful new “Manage” feature. Get ready to take your campaigns to new heights of precision and efficiency!