When advertising your products, focusing on your customers’ needs and preferences is essential. Here are three tips for a customer-centric advertising strategy:

▶ 1. Build a comprehensive view of your audience
Make use of Amazon’s insights to see who’s your audience and who you might want to target with your ads to reach new customers.

▶ 2. Create positive experiences for shoppers
To create a positive experience even beyond the first and last interaction with your brand, your ad’s content should be tailored to the objective you have in mind:

Build awareness: e.g. educational content, lifestyle imagery, illustrate your product’s benefits

Drive consideration: develop a single product benefit or value proposition

Purchase: include promotional messaging or deal badges into the creative

▶ 3. Understand customers’ media preferences
Nowadays, many different devices are used for online shopping, which is why you should consider the devices your specific audience might be using to maximize  your ad’s visibility across a variety of channels.

With these tips in mind, you can  put the customer in the center of your advertising approach, which will have them remember your brand!

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