Let’s talk about Amazon PPC bid optimization. How frequently and by how much should you change your bids?

If you are working with Amazon Ads you’ve probably been in the following situation more than once:
Your keywords are just not performing as you imagined they would. Either impressions are low or the ACoS is above target.
A quick fix to tackle this problem is adjusting your bids.

But by how much should you change your bids?

The answer to this question is a simple yet effective formula:

Sales / Clicks x Target ACoS
(Increase your bids by the resulting percentage)

After making a change you should to give the keywords time to accumulate enough data. With low search volume keywords it might take a while to see whether the change you made helped you get closer to your desired outcome or not.
For keywords with high search volume on the other hand, you shouldn’t wait too long until your next adjustment.

Looking at your keywords on a daily basis and deciding whether it would be a good decision to change your bids or not, can be quite time consuming, especially if you are managing multiple campaigns at the same time.

Our Ad Optimizer – an automated bidding tool – optimizes your bids completely automatically.
There are three main factors that the Ad Optimizer algorithm considers while bidding for your campaigns:

Budget: Making sure that campaigns are not overspending.
No running out of budget: Making campaigns visible throughout the day.

Target ACoS: Making sure that Ad Spend / Ad Revenue is as planned.

Our Ad Optimizer will continuously optimize your bidding to make sure you’re spending just the right amount to get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

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