In one of our last posts, we analyzed the search behavior in the category “Toys” on Amazon DE in terms of age. Let’s take a deeper look at gender-related queries. 🔍 Our Consulting Team found some interesting facts:

▶ Only 2.6% of the search traffic in the category “Toys” is gender-related. This means that people rather search for toys in general & not in combination with a specific gender.

▶ When people look for gender-specific toys, the vast majority of the search traffic is related to searches for girls (71%) rather than boys (29%). 

▶ The amount of generic gender-related searches represent 4.6% of the whole search traffic, which is much higher than for branded searches. So gender-related searches are usually not combined with a specific brand.

Based on these insights, we recommend putting the keyword focus for your Amazon Advertising campaigns rather on generic than gender-related or branded keywords to maximize traffic and revenue. 💡
People tend to search for toys in general, simply to get inspired and an overview on what is out there on the market.

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