This Amazon marketing 2021 statistic suggests that most Amazon sellers make advertising as part of their Amazon marketing strategy.

Whether it is on or off Amazon, businesses understand the importance of ads and how they can increase sales and revenue.

More than half of Amazon brands spend $60,000 per month on Amazon ads.

The number of Amazon sellers using Amazon ads has increased by 38%.

This proves that brands on Amazon realize the effectiveness of Amazon ads in regards to brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Of course, ads always come with costs but they also have great benefits that can boost your business:

Increased traffic:

Ads appear on the first page of search results where there is a high volume of users browsing.

This results in an increase in traffic and visibility to the product listings, which then can turn impressions easier into clicks and conversions.

Brand & product awareness:

Only because an ad is not always converting as well as plannend, it does not mean that it should be paused or stopped.

You can use the increased traffic volume to generate awareness for your brand and products by appearing on the search results page in users’ searches.

Increased sales & revenue:

An increase in traffic can result in an increase in sales. It can also boost sales for a particular brand or a wider range of items that may not be advertised.

It is important to make sure that the product detail page is optimized and your products retail ready in order to maximize potential sales that can be generated from the increase in traffic through ads.

Gain market share:

By running ads, you will have a competitive advantage over those that may not be running any ads or those who do not optimize them.

There are many “unknown” or small brands that take the market share away from more well-known brands due to their successful ad campaign management and optimization.

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