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What do we know about the users’ search & buying behavior in the category “Coffee Machines” on Amazon DE?

With 37% of the total search traffic, “kaffeevollautomat” is the most searched word, followed by “kaffeemaschine” with 16%. Comparing for Kaffeevollautomaten the search traffic share (37%) with the sales market share (Kaffeevollautomaten 19%) indicates that the Conversion rate for Kaffeevollautomaten is lower than for other coffee machine types.

Despite the majority of search traffic being generic (71%) consumers still search for well-known brands. You have probably heard of the brand “de’longhi” before. de’longhi owns 20% of the total branded search traffic and is at the same time the market leader in this category – owning the highest market share. 

Nevertheless, de’longhi gets its conversions mostly from the previously mentioned most searched term “kaffeevollautomat”. This trend can be seen across all brands, with 64% of all conversions coming from generic search traffic. 

But how is all of this important for scaling up your Amazon business?

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