Discover the latest updates to the Ad Optimizer, now available in all Amazon Ads countries. Learn about the new functionalities, including campaign management enhancements and improved targeting options.

Expanded Availability

We’re thrilled to announce that the Ad Optimizer is now available in all countries where Amazon Ads operates. If you wish to expand to new countries but have been hesitant thus far due to language barriers, Ad Optimizer has got you covered! By removing these language obstacles, businesses can now effectively manage their advertising campaigns in countries where they don’t speak the local language or have someone on the ground. Whether you’re targeting customers in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, India, Mexico, or Singapore, you can confidently leverage the power of the Ad Optimizer to drive your advertising success, regardless of language differences. This expansion means you can effortlessly add and manage entities, create campaigns, portfolios, and budgets in these countries, taking your advertising efforts to new heights.

Improved Campaign Management

Identifying campaigns that require attention has become easier with the introduction of a new label: “No targets.” By visually flagging campaigns without active targets, the Ad Optimizer ensures you can spot them at a glance. Additionally, the new filter option “Campaigns without targets” allows you to streamline your management process and manually add targets via the Customize option in the Campaigns table or through the Amazon Ads Console. Say goodbye to campaigns that aren’t delivering and seize the opportunity to optimize your targeting strategies.

Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

With the latest release, the Ad Optimizer now displays campaigns that are not yet assigned to portfolios. This enhancement provides you with a comprehensive overview of all your campaigns, enabling you to manage and optimize them effectively. You can easily filter campaigns without portfolios by selecting the “not set” option in the portfolio filter drop-down menu. Take control of your advertising efforts and maximize your campaign performance.