We know a lot about shopping behavior in Germany especially thanks to our sales development insights powered by metoda Consulting & Market Genius data.

But what does it actually look like in other countries around the world also outside Europe and the Western World?

An interesting study that Amazon Advertising commissioned with Kantar in July 2020 shed some light on the pandemic’s impact on purchase behavior in India: They concluded that shopping habits have indeed changed over the past year due to Covid-19 in one of the most populated countries of the world.

Here’s what they found out:
Many Indian consumers faced the problem of having limited opportunities to make their necessary purchases, especially in the early stages of the lockdown. They therefore tried out new channels like online retailing. 42% of urban residents purchased goods online during the pandemic and almost half of them did so for the first time during the crisis.

Moreover, many Indians are using Amazon to research and discover before making a purchase either in an online or offline store.

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