Nowadays, customers are flooded with countless brands who sell similar products, which is why brand trust is more relevant than ever to stand out among the crowd.

But how can you build trust?

The more present you are throughout the #customerjourney the more users will consider your brand trustworthy & might end up choosing your product over a similar product of a competitor.
An easy way to achieve so called brand awareness is by the use of Sponsored Ads.

Let’s have a look at the different types of Sponsored Ads and Stores:

Sponsored Products
Ads targeted to keywords or products
→ Show shoppers what your brand/product has to offer

Sponsored Brands
Customizable ads featuring your brand logo, up to 3 products & a customizable headline
→ Have shoppers see your brand the way you want to be seen

Sponsored Display
Flexible way to engage with audiences based on shopping signals
→ Reach audiences based on their interests or re-engage with audiences who’ve already seen your product

Branded multi-page destination within #Amazon
→ Tell your story and enhance customer’s experience with your brand

These will help you to have your brand seen the way you want it to be seen & build a meaningful relationship with your audience by telling your story!

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