Yesterday we shared interesting insights on the sales development of  the category “Beauty” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by more than 55% yoy in 2020 and another 45% ytd in 2021.

Along with the weather getting better and more opportunities to go outside, the demand for decorative #cosmetics increases. One important type of decorative cosmetic – at least for women – is nail polish. That is why we took a deep dive into Amazon’s bestseller category “Farblack”.

The top three brands in this category are: essie, alessandro and NÉONAIL.

essie is a well known brand which belongs to the brand L’oreal. It is available in drugstores and perfume shops and offers mainly basic nail polish. essie is the market leader in terms of orders with a market share of 29%.

NÉONAIL and alessandro have lower order shares, but rank above essie in terms of revenue share. These two brands offer special nail polish, that needs to be hardened with an UV/LED lamp, resulting in a longer lasting hold. This type of nail polish is more expensive than the regular ones sold by essie.

This is not only the case for these top three brands, but is true in general in this category:

  • basic nail polish accounts for ~55% of the orders and ~30% of the revenue
  • long lasting gel / acrylic nail polish accounts for ~30% of the orders and ~55% of the revenue

Do you want to know how strong your brand is within your category on Amazon?