Yesterday we presented the sales development in the category “Sports” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by 35% yoy in 2020 and by another 30% ytd in 2021.

One sports activity that got very popular during the pandemic is cycling – for fitness reasons but also to avoid public transportation. Maybe you read the news that the delivery time for bikes is getting close to the waiting time for a new car. Therefore we are doing a deep dive into the bestseller category “Radsport”.

This category covers everything from the hardware, i.e., bikes, spare parts, accessories to clothing and safety equipment. Due to the wide range of products, the category is very fragmented: The top three brands account for 30% of the market only. As a result, the top three regarding orders are different to those concerning revenue – except for uvex.

uvex – well known for their sports glasses – is second in orders (7%) and manages to have the highest market share regarding revenue with 15%.

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