Yesterday we took a look at the sales development of the category “Garden” on Amazon DE. Sales increased by 60% yoy in 2020 and by more than 80% ytd in 2021.

We deep dived further into one of the “Electrical Garden Tools” sections: the bestseller category “Vertikutierer”.

In this subcategory the top three brands account for 45% of the market, meaning that “Vertikutierer” is relatively fragmented, but not too much. Let’s get into more details.

Einhell owns the largest market share in terms of orders (20%), and revenue (21%), followed by AL-KO with a market share of 16% regarding orders and revenue. The third largest brand is WOLF-Garten which holds a market share of 8%. Their significantly lower market share is due to the price level of their products. While they are offering one item below 100€, which to no surprise is their bestseller in this subcategory, the other products are much more expensive.

There is another interesting fact: about 90% of the units sold are electrically operated. The reason behind this might be that petrol operated devices have an avg. price of 3x as high as electrically operated ones.

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