Yesterday we published some interesting insights about the sales development within the category “Pet Supplies” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by 47% yoy in 2020 and by another 51% ytd in 2021.

Let’s dive into the root causes of this development and take a deeper look into the bestseller sub-category “Trockenfutter für Katzen”.

This section has shown a sales increase of more than 60% yoy in 2020. It seems that many shoppers find it very convenient to order all their everyday products in the same online shop, independently if it is groceries for themselves or food for their beloved pets.

You can see that the top three brands in the sub-category account for only 38% of the market, which means that the category is quite fragmented. Animonda owns the largest market share concerning orders (16%), but does not belong to the top brands in regards to revenue. This is due to the fact that they offer products with a lower price than their competitors, partially because of smaller pack sizes.

Royal Canin has the largest market share in terms of revenue (15%) driven by a higher price point than the other two top brands. Whiskas, a well-known brand available in every supermarket, holds position two for orders and revenue.

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