Yesterday we took a look at the sales development of the category “Drugstore” on Amazon DE: Sales have increased by 24% yoy in 2020 and by another 21% ytd in 2021.

Let’s dive deeper into one of the larger sub-categories in ‘Drugstore’: The bestseller section ‘Rasur & Enthaarung’ has shown high sales numbers in 2020 after the 1st lockdown.

This was driven by the demand for

(a) hair clippers for men, due to the closure of hairdressers and

(b) lady shaving products, because of the closure of beauty salons in addition to the seasonality.

In March 2021 the top level category was dominated by two Brands in terms of orders & revenues: ‘Braun’ and ‘Philips’. These two giants have been fighting for the market leadership in ‘Electric Shavers’ for a long time. Due to the market size of electric shavers, they lead the top level category as well.

Gillette, the 3rd largest brand, is the top player in the ‘Manual Shaving’ category. However, purchases and price levels are much lower concerning manual shaving tools than for electric ones. This explains why Gillette’s revenue-based market share is considerably below the order-based one.

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