Next to the insights on Amazon’s main categories, we’ll be shedding light on the market share of individual brands of respective subcategories. This gives a deeper understanding about who the top players are & what their market share in terms of orders & revenue is.

Yesterday we analyzed the sales development of the category “Toys” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by 37% yoy in 2020 & by further 20% ytd in 2021. The high demand for toys in 2020 was mainly driven by #games. Therefore, we took a closer look at the market shares of the subcategory “Spielesammlungen”.

Everyone knows game collections from their own childhood & they are still very popular.

In March – right before the Easter holidays with new pandemic-related restrictions on the horizon –  ‘Schmidt Spiele’ is the brand with the highest market share regarding orders as well as revenue in this category. Their top seller is maintaining the bestseller position ever since January this year. Additionally, they have more games collections in the top 100 resulting in the highest market share in the category “Toys”.

Do you want to know how strong your brand is in your category on Amazon & which competitors you should keep an eye on?