Yesterday we stirred things up and took a deeper look into the sales development of the category “Home & Kitchen” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by about 38% yoy in 2020 and by another 18% ytd in 2021.

Along with the start of fall, which is typically harvesting time, we decided to deep dive into the subcategory: Einkochautomaten. This category has a lot to offer: preserving cookers to make jam out of the fruits from your garden and some of them can also be used to prepare mulled wine. 

The top brands in this category are Weck, Klarstein and Kochstar. All three of them are German based brands and they clearly dominate the market with holding more than 60% of the market share together.

The clear market leader is Weck with 40% market share in terms of orders & revenue. Weck is a typical medium sized family business with a more than 120 year old company tradition making use of all relevant channels – offline, online marketplaces & shops but also their own shop – to sell their products.

Klarstein is a brand of Berlin Brands Group (formerly Chal-Tec), specialized in Direct-to-Consumer Business in different categories.

Kochstar is a brand of Merten & Storck GmbH (belongs to the Belgium The Cookware Company) with a long lasting tradition in cookware.

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