Yesterday we looked into the sales development of the category “Beauty” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by more than 55% yoy in 2020 and by another 35% ytd in 2021.

With the summer coming to its end – 1st of September is the official start of fall – we decided to deep dive into a category strongly related to the past summer: Sonnenschutz / Sunscreen. This category comprises products to protect your skin, face and lips from the sun.

The top brands in this subcategory are NIVEA, HAWAIIAN Tropic, Garnier and Ladival.

While Ladival belongs to Stada – a pharmaceutical company, the others belong to well known international consumer products corporations: Nivea belongs to Beiersdorf (Germany), Hawaiian Tropic to Edgewell (US) and Garnier to L’Oréal (France).

With a market share of 45% (orders) / 35% (revenue) Nivea owns the largest portion of the market. HAWAIIAN Tropic, second in orders (13%) and revenue (11%) market share, holds about 1/3rd of the market of Nivea. Garnier and Ladiva have the third largest market share in orders & revenue.

Ladival makes it into the top three due to the significantly higher avg. sales price of their products.

When speaking about the price:

60% of the orders are sunscreen products up to 10 €, representing about 40% of the revenue: This is where Nivea, HAWAIIAN Tropic, Garnier and others sell the major portion of their products.

Another 30% of the orders are sunscreen products between 10 € and 20 €, representing another 40% of the revenue: This is where Ladival and others set their price point.

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