Yesterday we looked into the sales development of the category “DIY” on Amazon DE.

Sales increased by more than 50% yoy in 2020 and another 45% ytd in 2021.

Due to a very rainy and cool summer, we decided to deep dive into the category “Kamine”.

This category covers indoor as well as outdoor fireplaces and accessories.

This bestseller category covers the top 100 products of outdoor games – from bea

The top brands in this category are Feuerfarben, höfats and Monster24.

In contrast to many other categories, these are not China-based sellers, but German (seller) brands.

When looking at the market share of the top three brands in orders or revenue, it is obvious that the category is very fragmented.

Feuerfarben – having the highest market share in orders with 8% – offers powder, which colorizes the flames of a fire. With more than 2,000 orders in July, this seems to be a new fancy trend product to spice up the evenings at the fireplace. Because of the low average price of €11.91 for their products, Feuerfarben doesn’t show up in the top three brands for revenue.

höfats is a German start-up offering designated campfire, barbecue, in- and outdoor fireplace products and accessories. With 22% market share, they are the strongest brand regarding revenue in this category.

Monster24 is a German seller, offering a table fireplace at a very moderate price, making it attractive for economical customers.

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