Yesterday we shared some interesting insights on the sales development of the category Sports on Amazon DE: Sales increased by about 35% yoy in 2020 and by another 20% ytd in 2021.

In the middle of summer & vacation season we picked the category “Gartensport & Spiele” for our market share deep dive:

This bestseller category covers the top 100 products of outdoor games – from bean bags to trampolines.

The top brands here are JOOLA, Spikeball, Aerobie, SONGMICS and Ultrasport. In contrast to many other sub-categories, these are not Chinese-based sellers, but a mix of brands and seller brands from all over the world:

▶ JOOLA is a German-based brand manufacturer for table tennis equipment

▶ Spikeball is an US-based brand manufacturer for roundnet equipment, a trending sports game

▶ Aerobie belongs to Spin Master – a global Canadian-based toys brand – and is known for Flying Rings / Discs

▶ SONGMICS is a German-based seller brand (online only), selling a broad variety of products on Amazon and other marketplaces

▶ Ultrasport is a German-based seller brand, offering a wide variety of sports equipment

The ranking of SONGMICS and Ultrasports in the top 3 brands in this sub-category is based on the sales of trampolines and for Ultrasports also of slacklines.

The top 3 brands represent the top outdoor sports games sold on Amazon DE very well: Trampolines, frisbees (incl. flying rings, discs), boccia / boules, table tennis and roundnet account for roughly 75% of the total order volumes.

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