Yesterday, we looked into the sales development of the category “Pet Supplies” on Amazon DE, where sales increased by about 47 % yoy in 2020 and by another 35 % ytd in 2021.

Since we are in the middle of the summer, we picked the category “Hundepools” for our market share deep dive (no pun intended).

This might seem like a joke, but Amazon actually has a category specifically for dog pools – who would’ve thought.

The top brands in this category are lunaoo, Wimypet, and Pecute.

All three of them are Chinese-based brands, holding together 29% of the market.

The category is very fragmented and dominated by seller brands – mainly located in China. Only a few German-based brand manufacturers, such as Trixie, Kerbl, Karlie can be found in this category.

This might be driven by prices. Of the pools that were sold, about

– 1/3 are in the price range between 10 – 20 EUR

– 1/3 are in the price range between 20 – 30 EUR and

– 1/5 in the price range above 30 EUR.

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